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Merino and Merino blends which contain at least 50% wool make beautiful felt. We offer a wide variety of colors and blends suitable for all types of feltmaking. Of course these tops are all suitable for spinning too.

Colored Merino Top - $2.40/oz  (please order in 1 oz increments)

64s merino top in solid dyed colors

Pine Teal Kiwi Kelly Turquoise Khaki
Citron Tartan Garden Ivy Peacock Mint Chartreuse
Blue Navy Horizon Ice Blue Midnight Black
Brown Rosewood Camel Oak Parchment Mink
Yellow Gold Begonia Coral Salmon Pewter
Violet Ruby Fuchsia Pink Periwinkle Purple
Red Plum Carbon Bittersweet Chocolate Crocus Lilac
Cinnabar Dijon Spice Tomato Tangerine Nutmeg
Iris Grey Aqua Lemon Wedgewood Vanilla
Berry Cafe au Lait Celery Eggplant Glacier Hyacinth
Jade Seafoam Silver Flamingo Dresden Cyan
Camellia Taupe        

Multi-Colored Merino - $2.65/oz

The color blending is done for you!  

Amethyst Baltic Bermuda Borealis Cranberry Denim
English Garden Fiesta Hollyberry Mojave Riverstone Rose Quartz
Sage Sandalwood Granada      


Dyed Merino/Tencel - $16/2oz

This is a 50/50 hand-dyed blend



Rose Petals Iris Silver Laurelhurst Snapdragon  

Merino/Bamboo - $2.50/oz

This lovely blend is soft and lustrous. If you enjoying working with merino/tencel this is the top for you!






BFL/Tussah - $3.30/oz

A really nice blend of wool and silk. Great for spinning or feltmaking.








Merino/Tussah Blend - $2.80/oz

80% merino/20% tussah silk combed into a beautiful top. Available in natural


Tencel/Superfine Merino Top
- $2.50/oz

Fabulous 50/50 blend. Fun to spin, and produces felt with a wonderful surface texture.




Dyed Merino/Tussah - $3/oz

Multi colored merino top in a 70/30 blend

Jamaica Green McKenzie Diablo Red Bay Breeze
Autumn Del Mar Concord      

64's Merino Top - $1.80/oz

A fine silky wool in natural ecru


80's Superfine Merino - $2.15/oz

Unbelievably soft – suitable for cobweb fine yarn and lacy felt